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Ceiling Panels Bring Warmth of Natural Wood Inside

From Decoustics
Decoustics introduces Solo-T™ natural wood veneered lift and shift ceiling panels. Solo-T enhances the aesthetic appeal and comfort of interior spaces through the warmth of natural wood.

Solo-T panels consist of a perforated medium density fire-rated fiberboard with a ribbed natural wood veneer laminated to the face and an acoustically transparent mat laminated to the back. Featuring a noise reduction coefficient of 0.65, Solo-T features unique V-grooves that create a two-sided “funnel” effect, which allows sound to be absorbed from multiple angles. As a result, the transfer of energy is focused over a broader surface area of absorption material within the panels. The panels mount directly to a heavy-duty 15/16" T-bar grid system, creating the visual of a custom linear ceiling.

Available in 3-plank or 6-plank configurations, Solo-T is available in beech, cherry, maple and ash. The panels can also accommodate custom veneer selections and paint.