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Fire-Resistant Gypsum Panels

From National Gypsum
Gold Bond BRAND High Strength Fire-Shield LITE 30 Gypsum Board panels from National Gypsum consist of a 5/8" fire resistant non-Type X gypsum core specially formulated to be up to 30% lighter than standard Type X gypsum board. The gypsum board is encased in heavy natural-finish, 100% recycled paper on the face and back sides.

GridMarX® guide marks are printed on the paper surface to quickly identify nail and screw patterns and fastener lines for stud and joist framing. GridMarX offers an exclusive competitive advantage over similar products, including the potential for increased productivity and faster completion times.

LITE products are easier to work with, which results in reduced fatigue and potential productivity savings. In addition, the lighter weight provides for reduced transportation costs.

High Strength Fire-Shield LITE 30 is approved for single or multilayer drywall construction for 30-minute fire-rated or non-rated assemblies and is GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM Certified.

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