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Auto-Feed Screwdriver Attachments

From Senco® Brands, Inc.
Senco® Brands, Inc. offers 3 auto-feed screwdriver attachments featuring its DuraSpin® technology—the DS110, DS210 and DS310. Using an adapter, the attachments can convert almost any power screwdriver into an auto-feed screwgun capable of driving screws into metal, drywall and wood surfaces.

The DS110 and DS210 attachments can be adjusted to drive 5/8" to 2" screws; the DS310 can handle 5/8" to 3" fasteners. The collated screw strip attachments eliminate the need to load fasteners individually. Their feed-on-return functionality aligns the screws before driving.

A depth-of-drive adjustment regulates the precise amount of countersink required for the surface material. All 3 attachments feature aluminum frame construction and hold 50 screws per strip.

The DS110 attachment is designed specifically for metal-to-metal applications. The DS210 is suitable for wall and ceiling applications, as well as light-gauge, metal-to- metal fastening. The DS310 (pictured) is ideal for auto-feed capability in a variety of applications.

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