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Low-Iron Channel Glass Textures

From Bendheim Wall Systems
Bendheim Wall Systems introduces 5 new low-iron channel glass textures to the architectural and design market. Low-iron channel glass has an ultra-clear, brilliant quality, displaying only the very slightest green tint when viewed through its edge.

Previously available only in fine-mesh Solar™ texture, low-iron channel glass can now be specified in 504 Rough Cast™, Ice™, Piccolo®, Clarissimo™ and Prismasolar™ textures. The expanded offering provides architects the highly sought-after brilliance and clarity of low-iron glass in 6 surface textures of increasing obscuration.

Lamberts channel glass creates gleaming, never-ending façades and interior partitions up to 23' tall without the need for intermediate framing. The glass can be installed vertically or horizontally, single glazed or double glazed, in Bendheim Wall Systems’ frames. Textures, coatings, treatments and colors can be combined within a single opening, and enhanced thermal performance can be achieved by adding an insulating interlayer with a Low-E or other thermal coating.