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Drywall Stilts

From Warner Tool
Formally introduced at this year’s INTEX Expo, Warner Tool has launched an improved drywall stilt with uncompromising safety and stability features. Designed for fluid side-to-side movement along a wall, a new wider foot-plate and floor-pad offer users unprecedented stability.

The new stilts have an improved ratcheting strap system. Modeled after snowboard bindings, these new straps will not slip or loosen and can be adjusted to accommodate any footwear. With the included cushion they are wider than traditional straps, spreading pressure evenly around the foot for comfortable all-day use.

Rounding out the additional benefits are upgraded fasteners, a taller adjustable heel cup, less weight and Warner’s continuing commitment to producing the best valued stilt on the market.

Available in two adjustable sizes, 24"–40" and 18"–30".