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Gypsum Association Releases 20th Edition of Flagship Publication

From Gypsum Association
The Gypsum Association has released the 20th edition of “GA-600, Fire Resistance Design Manual (FRDM).” Since 1958, the association has regularly published its collection of the latest in fire-resistance rated gypsum building system designs, and today the manual is the standard industry reference document. New to this 230-page edition are several designs for protecting steel column systems that for the first time allow the use of horizontal joints. A new section that addresses Strain Relief Systems has been added, and there is also a new discussion addressing the protection of wood columns and beams. There are also several new proprietary systems that offer protection for wood and steel pitched roof trusses. In total, more than 150 new designs—about a third of which are generic, have been added.

GA-600-2012 is available in both print and digital download versions through the association’s online bookstore at www.gypsum.org.