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Control Fire, Smoke and Sound with Caulk

From USG
USG Corporation has introduced FIRECODE® Smoke-Sound Sealant, a new sealant boasting fire, smoke and acoustical control all in one product. The fire caulk’s rust-red appearance makes it easily identifiable for contractors and inspectors.

The sealant is an acrylic, latex-based fire caulk intended for use as a joint sealant in fire-rated partitions and shaftwalls, smoke barriers, sound rated assemblies and through-penetration fire stop systems. It applies quickly and easily with handgun equipment, making it ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It offers a long shelf life and good open time, and its low-VOC latex composition is non-staining and cleans easily.

The FIRECODE Smoke-Sound Sealant lists versatility, surfacing burning characteristics, high adhesion, permanent flexibility, sound testing and excellent physical properties, among other properties, as clear advantages. It is classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. under the fire-resistance category of “Fill, Void or Cavity Materials.”

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