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Resilient Sound Isolation Clips

From PAC International
PAC International offers a series of new products: RSIC-SI Spring Isolators, RSIC-WHI Hire Hanger Isolators, RSIC-Joist Isolators and RSIC-Super Screw for attaching plywood, tile backer or concrete board to cold formed steel framing or hat channel.

Also new is the RSIC-1-ADM Hammer on Side Mount, a hammer-on clip for mounting a resilient ceiling under steel bar joist, C bar joist, Z bar joist.

PAC International, Inc. a socially responsible company offering safe and sound products made in the USA. Features of PAC International’s products include the following: cost effective, by design, total cost labor and material installed; user friendly; easy to install; environmentally friendly; green product; sustainable construction; recyclable and reusable; nearly impossible to short circuit; light weight; works with standard (locally available) gypsum board and with standard furring channel (aka hat track) 7/8" x 25 ga.; World Class High Performance STC and IIC Noise Reduction and more.

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