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Large Format Perforated Acoustic Panels

From CertainTeed Corporation
CertainTeed Corporation introduces a new family of Gyptone® BIG™ Large Format Perforated Acoustic Panels. The perforated gypsum panels allow for monolithic ceiling and wall designs without visible breaks or joints and provide superior acoustics for open lobbies, classrooms and office spaces.

The Gyptone BIG family includes 4 products, each with a distinct pattern of perforations and acoustic backing tissue, providing excellent acoustical performance. Quattro 41 features a square perforation pattern, while Line 6 features line perforations. Sixto 63 and Sixto 65 each feature hexagonal perforation patterns.

Gyptone BIG panels offer NRCs from 0.60 to 0.75, depending on the perforation pattern, and a CAC of 35. All panels are made with 80% post-consumer and 5% pre-consumer recycled content and can be fully recycled into the manufacturing of new gypsum products.

Gyptone BIG boards are suitable for direct or suspended screw mounting and can be easily painted with a short-nap roller. CertainTeed offers a compatible grid system and complementary Gyptone ceiling tiles for each BIG pattern, providing a clean, monolithic transition between vertical and horizontal room surfaces. Integrated hatch panels are also available for all Gyptone products allowing easy access to the plenum.

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