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Guide for Distributor Branch Managers

From NAW
Ten years after the successful first edition was published, the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence has released a brand‐new Second Edition of the perennial best seller, 5 Fundamentals for the Wholesale Distribution Branch Manager. Go to www.naw.org/5fundbranchmgr to order copies or call (202) 872.0885. Quantity discounts apply when ordering two or more copies.

This brand‐new Second Edition is completely revised with about 70% new information—not found in the first edition—that today’s branch manager needs to read to succeed in today’s very challenging economy. Up‐and‐comers who aspire to run a branch, branch managers already in charge, and their colleagues at the top—all of these colleagues will learn from this book’s powerful insights and tips for running a branch in today’s new economy.

These 5 fundamentals that every branch manager should embrace to become a “superstar” manager are the indispensable elements in business and leadership skills for branch managers who want to create the highest net speed within their markets. Net speed is what sets apart distributors at the market level. Distributors have many business strategies and organizational structures to place inventory in the local market or at central hubs. The branch manager who can lead the team to provide the highest level of quality products, accuracy in all transactions, and credibility in delivering the services promised will beat out competitors regardless of their strategy and structure. The reason is customers demand net speed and will do business with the distributor that provides it.