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Commercial Housewrap

From Fortifiber Building Systems Group®
Fortifiber Building Systems Group® introduces its WeatherSmart Commercial weather-resistive barrier, a product that redefines the standard in high performance building wraps for commercial applications. The new product offers architects and builders a no-compromise solution that is the ideal blend of advanced building science and field-proven jobsite durability.

WeatherSmart Commercial was engineered for the rigors of a commercial jobsite, with up to 3 times the tear resistance of competing products. Its nonwoven, non-perforated construction, employing an advanced breathable polymer technology, delivers the ideal balance between breathability and water protection. In fact, the product holds out water 4.5 times better than the leading commercial housewrap—while exceeding the strict Canadian Air Infiltration standards.

Unlike other commercial-grade wraps, the product can be exposed for up to 12 months—33% longer than most competitive products. When combined with the company’s new 3" wide Fortifiber Sheathing Tape—a tape specifically engineered to provide more adhesion for the building wrap’s heavier, stronger construction, WeatherSmart Commercial gives builders a solution that truly is designed for the commercial jobsite.

The design of WeatherSmart Commercial eliminates one of the other key problems with all polymeric housewraps: the loss of building envelope protection when exposed to surfactants. The construction of the product makes it highly resistant to surfactants, so exposure to these substances in the form of power washing solutions and detergents won’t affect its performance.

The WeatherSmart Commercial data sheet is available in PDF format on Fortifiber’s website, www.fortifiber.com/pdf/data_sheets/DS_weathersmart_com mercial.pdf.