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Hand Tool/Parts Organizer for Aerial Lifts

From DeMore’s Innovative Design, Inc.
The ergonomic Aerial ToolBin™ for aerial platforms, scissor lifts and boom lifts is designed to keep hand tools and supplies organized and within a worker’s reach. The product was created out of a real need for increased efficiency, safety—and to reduce back strain caused by constant bending to retrieve tools and supplies from boxes or buckets typically placed on the deck floor.

Developed by DeMore’s Innovative Design, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis., the portable, triangular-shaped organizer attaches to square or rounded 90º corners of platform railings, where it is secured with two OSHA-compliant locking bolts. Constructed from reinforced, non-conductive, UV-protected orange polypropylene, the Aerial ToolBin™ is designed to provide a safer, clutter-free working area by keeping tools and parts off the deck floor and at waist height.

The Aerial ToolBin™ weighs 10 lbs and is designed to hold up to 50 lbs. It measures 17" x 17", with a 26" front, and features 3 compartments with removable partition walls. An optional multi-positional magnetic parts tray attaches to the metal strips on top of the bin. A tool-belt holder safely secures a worker’s tool belt to the front of the bin. A built-in handle for easy carrying is incorporated in the design.

The Aerial ToolBin™ is intended for the commercial, industrial and maintenance industries, where aerial lifts are commonly used. The product is available through the manufacturer’s website, www.aerialtoolbin.com, and through select rental store locations.