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Jobsite Vacuum

From Makita
Makita has released a new 12 gallon wet/dry vacuum, the Xtract Vac™ Jobsite Vacuum (model VC4710).

The new VC4710 is powered by a 12 AMP motor that generates 135 CFM of suction power and 92" of water lift to take on the most challenging applications. The vacuum’s motor chamber is constructed of quality sound-absorbing materials, delivering an operating sound level of only 59 dB(A). In addition, precision lightweight motor components and more efficient air ducting allowed engineers to reduce the weight to only 27 lbs. For improved stability, the VC4710 has wide-set urethane rear wheels and enlarged steel caster front wheels to create a lower center of gravity for improved stability and easier movement.

The Xtract Vac™ includes an on-board tool-activated outlet that starts and stops the vacuum with power tool usage. The VC4710 also features an Automatic Filter Cleaning System with blow-back feature, which is timed at set intervals to maintain filter performance.

The VC4710 features two flat main Nano filters engineered to maximize the container volume and improve efficiency, while capturing 99.95% of particles size 2 microns and larger. The optional Certified HEPA main filter captures 99.97% of particles size .3 microns and larger, which meets or exceeds the Department of Energy’s standard for HEPA filters. Included standard is a 1 3/8" x 16' Anti-Static Hose, which is ideal for woodworkers in a shop environment.

The new Xtract Vac™ is engineered to work with Makita’s line of concrete dust extraction attachments. It is also ideal for woodworking applications and will work with miter saws, planers, plate joiners, routers and sanders.

For more on the new VC4710, go to www.makitatools.com/xtractvac.