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Podium Ladder

From WernerCo
WernerCo has launched the Podium Ladder, an entirely new category of ladders designed to provide a full range of working motion to safely and comfortably access the job at hand. The Podium ladder offers a larger standing surface providing maximum comfort and 4 times greater work zone than a standard ladder, which enables the user to reach all directions from one ladder position.

One of the most significant benefits of the design of this entirely new Podium Ladder is how easily it allows the user to reach traditionally difficult areas by providing greater range of motion, therefore maximizing productivity. The waist-high guardrail and the larger platform surface also deliver more comfort for the professional user who is often required to stand on a ladder for prolonged periods of time.

The new Podium guardrail uses the Locktop™ design that securely and conveniently organizes tools and accessories at the top of the ladder—where they are needed. The functional top is also transformed to serve as a wraparound guardrail for total freedom of movement. The Podium Ladder also features the newly designed Edge360™ bracing system that increases the size of the ladder foot pad, braces the first step and provides protection at every angle.

For more information visit http://us.wernerco.com.