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From Bendheim
Bendheim is launching the Platinum Elements collection of decorative architectural glass for contemporary building interiors. This new, never-before-seen specialty glass collection uses a proprietary “chrome” imaging process to produce original Bendheim designs.

The collection’s 8 patterns are inspired by everyday objects and natural motifs that have been sensitively abstracted to create chic, timeless designs. Platinum Elements’ Pebbled River Bed, Winter Forest, Grey Web, and Rain evoke a sense of nature, establishing calming, soothing effects. The linear patterns, including Plaid and Pick, are understatedly elegant and universal. The patterns are applied to low-iron, ultra-clear glass, and are highly customizable, fully scalable and reversible. The Platinum Elements generate intriguing movement as light reflects from their sparkling surfaces—perfect for trendsetting hospitality, retail and corporate interiors.

The Platinum Elements collection features a combination of translucent and opaque glass varieties to address various design needs. The translucent glass designs combine elements of transparency and reflectivity for a complex, multidimensional appearance. They are well suited for interior walls and partitions, doors, stair railings, balustrades and ceilings. The patterns are laminated between 2 glass lites, protected from scratches and abrasions. Laminated Platinum Elements are safety building products compliant with ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201, and provide enhanced sound control properties.

The opaque designs employ the visual contrast between the reflective and colored (back-painted) elements of the patterns to create vibrant wall surfaces. The color coatings protect the “chrome” designs, and are available in a virtually unlimited palette. Back-painted Platinum Elements are typically supplied in a non-safety, annealed form. For safety wall cladding applications, such as elevator interiors, a laminated back-painted version is also available.

The Platinum Elements can be specified in sizes up to 48” by 96”. They are suitable for high-traffic and frequent-use applications due to their maintenance-friendly polished glass surfaces.

To learn more visit www.bendheimarchitectural.com.