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Collated Drywall Screw Magazine

From Hilti, Inc.
Whether it’s installing drywall or exterior sheathing, the Hilti SD-M 1 Collated Drywall Screw Magazine is designed to dramatically speed up the process by eliminating the need for the traditional single screw method.

Installers with limited work experience are now able to be as productive as industry veterans. Through the convenient storing and rapid strip loading of the Hilti system all installers are able to work more quickly and more comfortably. Not needing to load single screws allows the user to wear gloves while still maintaining high levels of productivity.

The SD-M 1 provides a “no-tool” quick transition from collated to single screws and back again with a simple click. Attaching to both corded and cordless Hilti screwdrivers, the SD-M 1 Magazine transforms them instantly into fast-as-you-can-drive drywall tools. With the magazine’s unmatched compact size for corner accessibility and no length setting required when changing screw sizes, the SD-M 1 increases jobsite efficiency.

For additional information on the Hilti SD-M 1 Collated Drywall Screw Magazine, contact Hilti Customer Service. From the United States, call Hilti, Inc., at (800) 879.8000 or visit www.us.hilti.com; from Canada, call Hilti (Canada) Corporation at (800) 363.4458 or visit www.hilti.ca.

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