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1/2" High-Performance, Mold-Resistant Interior Wall Panel

From USG Corporation
USG Corporation has extended its glass-mat product portfolio with the launch of a new 1/2" regular formulation, high-performance interior wall panel. Moisture and mold resistant, USG Sheetrock® Brand Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough® are ideal for new construction or renovation projects.

In addition, USG has expanded its manufacturing capacity nationwide, now providing service in every market. The new 1/2" panel and the Sheetrock® Brand Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough® Firecode® X, launched in 2012, are available coast-to-coast. In the past, manufacturing infrastructure only supported regional availability.

USG Sheetrock Brand Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough feature a non-combustible moisture and mold resistant gypsum core encased in an inorganic fiberglass mat that sheds water and has tapered edges for easy finishing. The panels are optimal in the pre dry-in (aka “pre-rock”) application of wallboard before the building envelope is enclosed, and can be used in protected exterior soffit applications.

The 5/8" Firecode X panels are UL classified for fire resistance. The panels easily score and snap, allowing a quick and easy installation with no sawing or special tools required. The facer mat is colored to match traditional drywall and is engineered to accept the application of USG finishing systems.

These panels provide the highest level of mold and moisture resistance available, scoring a 10 out of 10 on the ASTM D3273 test for mold resistance. They are guaranteed for three years against manufacturing defects and for 12 months of weather exposure.

To learn more about USG interior panel and drywall solutions, visit www.usg.com.

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