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Tape Measure Grip

From Tape-Ease
Using a tape measure just got easier with the release of the Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip, which easily attaches to the end hook of any standard 1"-wide tape measure. The Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip enables one person to quickly and accurately measure almost any material without the tape blade slipping off.

The patented Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip fits onto the end hook of all standard 1"-wide measuring tapes. Once attached to the measuring tape, the blue rubber end of the Tape-Ease® unit grips almost any material—including wood, tile, rock, masonry, stone, brick, and even rounded corners such as granite countertops and curved stucco. The molded rubber end of a Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip won’t scratch surfaces and grips securely.

Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip provides exceptional stability and strength of contact between the tape tip and the work surface, enabling the user to measure any material without the end of the tape slip-ping off. This means one person can now make accurate measurements—without the assistance of another person to hold the end of the tape measure in place. By serving as the ultimate measuring tape assistant™, the Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip improves efficiency, saves time and saves money.

To use a Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip, gently press the edges of the tape measure into the “rails” of the Tape-Ease® unit. Then slide the Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip toward the tape’s end hook. When the end hook fits snugly into the blue rubber dock on the Tape-Ease® unit, you’re ready to quickly and efficiently measure almost anything.

Invented and manufactured in the USA, the Tape-Ease® Rubber Grip sells for the suggested retail price of $3.99 at hardware stores, select Home Depot stores and online at www.tape-ease.com.