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Spray Applied Air- and Water-Resistive Barrier

From Dryvit Systems, Inc.
Dryvit Systems, Inc. has released Backstop® NT Spray to the commercial and residential markets. This new iteration of the Backstop NT product allows applicators to apply this air- and water-resistive barrier by using an airless sprayer, which can save time and money. Applicators can now apply Backstop NT by trowel, roller, texture sprayer and airless sprayer.

Backstop NT meets the requirements of IECC 2012 and is listed with the Air Barrier Association of America. The product can be used in both commercial and residential projects under almost all cladding systems and is specifically engineered to be versatile and easy to apply. Once Backstop NT is applied and fully cured, it can be left exposed to the elements for up to 30 days, which gives general contractors leeway in scheduling other work.

When used in combination with AquaFlash®, a liquid applied flashing system, the two products meet all code requirements for an AWRB, so the combination can be specified on virtually any project. AquaFlash provides a reinforced seamless barrier around openings in walls. This seal drastically reduces the potential for moisture to enter a wall assembly through these openings. Since AquaFlash and Backstop NT can be applied in any order, contractors have flexibility to work around other scheduled construction.

Backstop NT is compatible with a variety of materials, but provides even more benefits when used as part of Dryvit’s Outsulation® systems. These include increased energy efficiency, a complete single-sourced cladding system and compliance with additional code requirements.

Backstop NT Spray is currently available at Dryvit distributors throughout the United States. For more information, visit Dryvit.com.

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