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Brushless Hammer Drills and Drill Drivers

From Metabo Corporation
Metabo Corporation introduces the most precise, versatile and longest running brushless hammer drills and drill drivers in the industry. With pre-set electronic torque settings, a removable chuck system and Metabo’s 5.2 Ah Ultra-M battery system, both the new SB 18 LTX-BL and BS 18 LTX-BL tools are ushering in a new breed of brushless technology.

The electronic nature of the brushless motor allowed Metabo to incorporate several unique features into its new brushless line of hammer drills and drill drivers. The torque selector wheel allows the user to choose from 11 pre-set electronic torque settings, ranging from precise drilling into soft wood or drywall to heavy-duty torque for the hardest woods or sheet metal.

When using the selector wheel, another red button on top of the tool allows users to switch to “full” torque for a few screws and then quickly return to the more precise mode by re-pressing the button. An additional “impulse” setting allows users to start (feather) drill bits and screws on smooth surfaces, such as sheet metal and tile, or to easily remove screws with damaged heads.

The SB 18 LTX-BL and BS 18 LTX-BL also incorporate a removable chuck system that, when removed, exposes a 1/4" hex bit holder. Removing the chuck also reduces the size of the tool by 2.5", quickly creating the shortest tool in its class. With the chuck removed, users can choose from several useful attachments including a right angle adaptor and the X3 Torque Amplifier that increases torque three-fold with no additional strain to the tool itself.

By combining the efficiency of a brushless motor with the Metabo Ultra-M 5.2 Ah battery, the world’s longest running 18 V system, the runtime for these new hammer/drill/drivers is also very impressive. The tool, battery and charger are all backed by a 3-year warranty.

You can learn more at www.metabo.us.