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Heavy-Duty Podium Ladders with Casters

From Werner
Werner introduces Podium ladders with casters. The Podium is a new style of ladder that allows the user to work facing any direction and is now available with factory installed casters. With the addition of casters, the Podium ladder is easier to move around the job site.

The factory installed casters are spring loaded to deactivate automatically when the ladder is in use. Casters are now available on the 375 lb Type IAA and the 300 lb Type lA ladders and are a great solution for stocking and warehouse applications.

In addition to the convenient mobility, these Podium ladders still offer all the benefits of the original products with an extra-large platform. The 36" extended guardrail securely wraps around the work zone and the Locktop™ secures an arsenal of tools where they are needed at the top of the ladder. It is also compatible with the Lock-in System, which expands the functionality when additional accessories are added. Furthermore, the Edge360™ bracing provides improved durability with an integrated rail shield and over-size foot pad that provides expanded stability once the casters are deactivated.

The new Podium ladders with casters are available in a variety of reach heights from 9' to 16'.