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Angle Drills

From Makita USA

Makita® introduces 2 new angle drills that are now available this month.
The 40V max XGT® 1/2" Angle Drill, GAD01 (pictured), and the 40V max XGT® 7/16" Angle Drill, GAD02, are powerful and compact drilling solutions that have a brushless motor with two speed settings and variable speed (0‐4000 RPM, 0‐1,500 RPM) for maximum efficiency. Both drill up to 6 1/4" holes with hole saws and 4 5/8" holes with self‐feed bits.
XGT® equipment and tools are engineered for high‐demand applications that traditionally use cords, gas or compressed air. XGT® offers over 50 products powered by 40V max batteries, with select 80V products powered by two 40V max batteries for cordless performance that’s beyond limits.


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