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Self-Adhering Membrane

From Sto Corp.

Sto Corp. has launched StoGuard® Conformable Membrane, a self-adhered membrane used within StoGuard air- and water-resistive barrier systems. The new membrane is used to seal dynamic joints, sheathing joints, substrate transitions, penetrations and rough openings.
According to Richard Martens, director of business development at Sto Corp., StoGuard Conformable Membrane will make life easier for installers. “The aggressive adhesive does not require priming on most substrates, and allows installation at temperatures as low 20° F,” he explains. “The facer membrane provides an incredible 1470% elongation, which helps it conform to complex building shapes.”
StoGuard Conformable Membrane has met AAMA 711-13 window flashing and ICC-ES AC212 sheathing joint requirements. It is fully compatible with all StoGuard products.

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