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Decorative Millwork

From Fypon®
With the addition of several urethane accent pieces to the Fypon® decorative millwork product line, it is easier than ever for building professionals to add style and a touch of elegance to projects.

Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, the new pieces include appliqués (one-piece rosettes in dogwood leaf and poinsettia patterns; tile measures 16 1/2" square), decorative details (“Mr. Sunshine” one-piece detail available in 20" x 20" and 36" x 36"), Arabesque (an intricately patterned Arabesque has an outside diameter of 31 1/2" and a center opening diameter of 24 1/2"; in an Arabian style, it features curves and four points) and keystones (art deco).

Each piece is made of tough, high-performance materials that resist splintering, decaying, insect infestation, water penetration and absorption.