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Spray Unit

From Mar-Flex Systems, Inc.
Mar-Flex Systems, Inc. introduces the Mar-Flex Pro Spray Unit for dependable and efficient application of solvent-based waterproofing and dampproofing materials.

Equipped with a 6.5 HP Honda gas engine and Speedflo PowerTwin 8900GH hydraulic pump, the unit delivers 3,300 psi and 2.25 gpm to the 150’ of insulated airless high-pressure hose to meet the requirements for applying various products fast and efficiently.

The Pro Spray Unit features front-mounted controls and gauges for simple control of operating temperature and material flow, and includes service panels for easy maintenance and a 118-gal. tank. The spray unit allows for quick and simple installation and start-up and the option to add an additional 118-gal. tank for additional jobsite capacity.