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Gas Powered Framing Nailer

From Hitachi Power Tools
Hitachi Power Tools introduces the NR90GR, a 3-1/2" gas powered round head framing nailer that combines cordless utility with traditional framing nailer power.

The power is generated from an interchangeable 7.2V (1.4 Ah) NiCd battery and fuel rod. The battery recharges in only 1 hour. The NR90GR drives up to 2 nails per second and 1,000 nails per hour. The battery will fire more than 4,000 nails per charge, and each fuel rod fires 1,200 nails. A 6-nail lockout feature prevents accidental “dry fire” assuring nails are lodging securely and work is completed as intended.

The 7.9-lb. tool fires up to a 3 1/2" x .131 round head nail. The full round head nail meets code where clipped head nails will not.