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Rough Opening System

From ClarkWestern Building Systems
ClarkWestern Building Systems introduces its new steel framing RedHeader RO™ rough opening system. This innovative labor saving system reduces the number of framing components required to frame a rough opening and significantly reduces the onsite labor to assemble each RO structure—up to 50%!

Contractors like RedHeader RO because it virtually eliminates the need for built-up jambs and headers further reducing material pieces, weight and screws.

The patent pending Drop’N Lock™ clip has adjustment slots allowing for vertical field adjustments before fully attaching clip to jamb stud. The RedHeader quickly drops into the Drop’N Lock™ Clip.

RedHeader RO’s flush mount installation reduces material build-up that pushes out the gypsum board and helps eliminate additional taping costs for drywall finishing.

RedHeaders are pre-cut to length.

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