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Safety Guardrail

From Safety Maker, Inc.
For fall protection during stilt or ladder operations, contractors can quickly erect taller, freestanding rail systems up to 65". Using construction grade 2x4s, the Tall Guardrail Brace from Safety Maker, Inc. integrates onto the standard Safety Boot® with 4 screws. Its steel constructed contour integrates onto the shape of the Safety Boot extending the base and post connection and enabling the height of the railing to safely increase to 65". Both SafetyBoot and the 65" stair rail brace are durable and reusable.

The Safety Boot has been used on thousands of project sites ranging from multi-family housing to commercial building construction. Like the Safety Boot, the new Tall Guardrail Brace is tested by a third party engineering firm and exceeds OSHA Standard 1026.502(b)(1).