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Rough Opening System

From Marino\WARE
A single member of the Marino\WARE QuickFrame Rough Opening System can replace built-up headers, jambs and sills reducing jobsite labor by more than 50%. The header, jamb and sill can be put together “quickly” with an easy-to-use clip for faster installation.

The system uses extra wide flanges and extra long returns that can be used to frame around any non-load bearing jamb. The flanges are available in 3" and 3 1/2" with a 1" return. Widths are 3 5/8", 4", 6" and 8" in 10, 12, 14 and 16 gauge. The 14 gauge clip has 2 slots and open sides. The header and jambs are the full width for a flat surface, with the headers being un-punched and the jambs available as punched.

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