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Gas-Actuated Tool

From Powers Fasteners, Inc.
Powers Fasteners, Inc. introduces the industry’s first gas-actuated tool with enough power to fasten 2x4s into concrete.

Because it has a larger combustion chamber and a modified valve design, the Powers C4-LT Trak-It® Tool provides a slightly more powerful charge for firing 2-9/16 pins through 2x4s into concrete and steel base materials.

The C4-LT unit has a 42-pin magazine capacity. It also utilizes a pezio to fire the tool without creating a spark, which preserves battery life. The battery clicks onto the back handle, which gives the tool perfect balance, is easier to remove and does not wear the contact points as others do. Also, the Powers TI-C battery averages 5,700 shots, which is twice the battery life of competitive systems, based on field trials.

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