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Work Station

From Bossmate™
With Bossmate™ workstation systems, sawhorses no longer have to be wimpy or expensive, and worktables no longer have to be clumsy or stationary. Bossmate systems are portable, fully functional and expandable workstations. They provide complete, practical working spaces in any project site.

Bossmate™ workstations set up and take down in seconds by inserting and removing 2 2"x4"x12' surface boards into the frames. The design means the more weight placed on them, the sturdier they become.

The systems come in three designs. The beefiest is the Primate™, made of 14-ga. carbon steel. The Mightymate™ is lightweight and made of 16-ga. steel. The junior partner is the Handymate™, which is ideal as a stool to install wallboard, paint walls and use as a sitting bench.