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From Omnova Solutions
Ecore™ Advanced Wall Technology by Omnova Solutions is being hailed as the industry’s first and only “no-compromise,” eco-friendly wallcovering platform,

A revolutionary wallcovering platform based on nanotechnology, Ecore delivers all the performance characteristics of Type II wallcoverings in a non-PVC platform, while also boasting great design and color at a competitive price.

Ecore is a worry-free, low-maintenance solution for interior environments. Large and small scale designs can be printed and embossed with the same clarity and precision as conventional wallcoverings. Wallcoverings featuring Ecore technology are environmentally friendly. They have low VOC emissions, are made from a 100% non-PVC formulation and are 100% recyclable. Also included is a post-use reclamation program.

Ecore wallcoverings are priced competitively relative to other Type II wallcoverings.

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