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Super Compact Telehandler

From JLG Industries, Inc.
JLG Industries, Inc. introduces the JLG® G5-18A super compact telehandler for the construction, landscape and agricultural markets.

The G5-18A super compact telehandler combines operator comfort and machine maneuverability with lift capacity and reach to create a versatile and powerful compact telehandler. The G5-18A boasts a 5,500 lb. maximum lifting capacity and 1,850 lb. capacity at the fully extended reach of 11'—the best capacity in the compact telehandler class. The machine comes standard with three operator-selectable steering modes including 4-wheel circle, 4-wheel crab and 2-wheel steering. The 126” turning radius makes it a top choice for confined or congested work areas.

The G5-18A is offered with several available attachments including a general purpose bucket, a light material bucket, a grapple bucket, various carriages and a crane hook.