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CD-ROMs Help with AIA’s New A201 and A401

From Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association
To help subcontractors navigate and avoid the dangers of the revised 2007 American Institute of Architects’ A201 and A401 model contract documents, the Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association has produced two multimedia CD-ROMs—“Total Impact: How the AIA A201-2007 Influences Subcontractor Rights, Responsibilities and Remedies” and “Straight Talk: Bidding and Negotiating the AIA A401-2007 Terms and Conditions”—that are now available through the Contractors’ Knowledge Depot.

Dealing separately with the Document A201-2007 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction and Document A401-2007 Standard Form of Agreement Between Contractor, respectively, the “Total Impact” and “Straight Talk” presentations provide guidance and understanding specifically tailored to the subcontractor’s point of view.

“Total Impact” offers subcontractors insight into the A201-2007’s provisions and risks, as well as an explanation of how it will interact with newer and older subcontract documents that are on the market. This two-hour presentation examines the document’s terms for payment, indemnification and insurance, delay damages, design responsibility, dispute resolution and general conditions.

The second CD-ROM, “Straight Talk,” addresses the A401-2007’s provisions and risks.

In addition, the CD-ROM focuses on the various new negotiating and bidding strategies subcontractors should employ when using the A401-2007 document. This two-hour presentation offers subcontractors the information they need in order to talk to clients about changes to the new document.

Both CD-ROMs contain an audio-visual recording, a media player to install on your computer, and installation instructions.

The cost is $65 for ASA members and $95 for nonmembers.