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Work Platform

From Beta Max Inc.
Beta Max Inc. introduces its Max Climber™ 7700 Work Platform. Capable of traveling up to 400' high at a speed of 35' per minute, this double-masted system is designed to increase productivity by reducing jobsite waiting time. Its tremendous speed, capabilities and simple operating skills make the Max Climber 7700 an ideal choice for lightweight restoration projects such as tuckpointing, caulking, painting, restoration and metal building installation.

Unlike traditional platforms, Beta Max’s Max Climber 7700 can be installed with ease, and doesn’t require the use of a forklift or crane in setup. When taken apart, the mast sections are broken down into 5' sections each weighing only 110 lbs., making it easy to transport.

This reliable work platform offers increased load capacity, utilizes a triangular mast system, and contains stronger base units which use four 2.2 Kw motors and rugged aluminum deck sections. The Max Climber 7700 Work Platform measures 90’ in length and 6.5' in width. All Beta Max Hoist Systems meet or exceed UL, CSA and OSHA.