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Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit

From NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence
The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence announces a tool kit called the Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit: Five Keys to Unlocking Your Employees’ Potential, Second Edition. Quantity discounts apply when ordering two or more copies.

The kit provides an organized and thoughtful approach to developing efficient and effective employees for a wholesale distribution business. It includes dozens of customizable templates and 21 different samples of wholesale distribution jobs in the book and on the accompanying CD-ROM. Wholesaler distributors can use this comprehensive tool kit as a key component in their human resources programs. It consists of five integrated sections: Section 1: Job Descriptions, Templates and Samples; Section 2: Performance Evaluations, Templates and Samples; Section 3: How to Start a Training Program, Template; Section 4: Recruitment and Retention Guide, Templates and Samples; Section 5: New Employee Orientation Program, Templates and Samples.

The kit was developed to help wholesale distribution managers find, hire, develop and retain the staff needed, so that the company can continuously improve its bottom-line performance in line with business goals.