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Construction Adhesive Systems

From Loctite®
For assembling cold-formed steel structural building components, the Loctite® Adhesive Connection System combines a high-strength structural adhesive and dozens of pneumatic pins to safely assemble shear walls, roof/floor trusses, I-beams, headers, jamb studs and cantilever beams. The system eliminates hundreds of collated screws and their associated installation time, and reduces overall assembly time by 89% and associated expenses by 59%.

This system is a two-step process. First, Loctite® H8600™ Speedbonder™ structural adhesive is applied to the galvanized steel components. Formulated to provide long-term bond strength and durability on galvanized surfaces, the adhesive delivers high-load carrying and enhanced cyclic loading properties. Next, a small number of pneumatic pins are installed to provide immediate structural integrity along with the clamping force required during the adhesive cure cycle.