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From Dr. Shrink
Dr. Shrink’s premium, UV-protected BioShrink shrinkwrap has additives that resist mold, mildew, algae and bacteria, including E. Coli, to help prevent severe damage.

By attaching BioShrink to walls, the shrinkwrap can be used to cover an entire room or area during construction. Lining basements and crawlspaces with BioShrink is a great way to help avoid mold and mildew any time of the year.

To protect materials that will be left outside, BioShrink can be heat-shrunk like regular shrinkwrap for a tight-fitting cover. It will provide full antimicrobial protection during storage or transportation.

The tan shrinkwrap is also great for modular and pre-fabricated homes or buildings.

Available in widths up to 20', BioShrink has a starting price of $229.50 for a 20' x 100' 8-ml roll.