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Telescoping Pole Tool

From Hook and Hanger Hardware
The LagMaster-Plus from Hook and Hanger Hardware hangs threaded rod, ceiling chain and ceiling wire safely from the ground. The thin profile of the pole allows it to reach into tight places where a worker would have difficulty maneuvering his arm. The tool was developed for electricians, but contractors will find this tool a must-have on the job site for hanging ceiling wires. The LagMaster-Plus reaches up to 30' ceilings, so a fast worker can install up to 100 ceiling wires an hour safely and efficiently from the floor.

The LagMaster-Plus is designed and manufactured by the same company that makes the popular LagMaster™ pole tool that thousands of acoustical contractors use every day for hanging ceiling wire.

The key to the Lag Master-Plus versatility is its unique interchangeable heads. There is a specific head for each application—wire, jack chain, purlin clips, threaded rod, smooth rod and screws. A 1/4" female hex head turns the pole into a long screw driver. There is also a special head that works with Ramset’s™ Viper powder actuated tool.

Choose from five different adjustable length models, applicable for 11' to 30' ceiling heights.