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Integrated Ceiling Systems

From USG
USG introduces the Logix™ Integrated Ceiling Systems.

Through modular systems of various grid, channels and tile, Logix Integrated Ceiling Systems transform ceiling mechanical components such as lighting and sprinklers into dramatic design elements. These ceiling utilities are housed in 6"-wide channels running along the full length of an acoustical ceiling in narrow, continuous bands. The field can then be fitted with fiberglass or metal panels in a range of standard and large module sizes, transforming a standard, segmented grid into a clean, uninterrupted ceiling space.

With Logix, architects also have the ability to leverage new-generation lighting fixtures and design with more streamlined, monolithic custom-looking ceilings in open-plan office designs.

Logix Integrated Systems are currently available in two forms, linear and basic. The Logix linear system positions utility channels between the main tees on the ceiling grid, allowing for continuous, functional bands. Main tees on each side of a channel are joined with perforated or solid connector panels. The basic system positions utility channels perpendicular to the main tees. Panels are placed adjacent to the cross tees and can also be used in between fixtures.

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