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Metal Starter Track

From Reward Wall Systems, Inc.
Reward Wall Systems, Inc. introduces the metal starter track to their ancillary line of products, creating an opportunity for the product to be shipped with Reward’s insulating concrete forms to simultaneously arrive at the job site without additional shipping and handling charges.

“Before this ancillary addition, customers were required to seek out metal starter tracks locally. Now they can get everything in one order, from one place. It’s much more convenient and efficient,” said Darryl Ulrich, product application representative.

Reward Wall Systems recommends using a metal starter track because it provides an efficient method of aligning and holding the first course of insulating concrete forms on the footing or slab to the dimensions of the building.

“The starter track is highly effective, especially when the footing or slab is not dead on level,” said Kelvin Doerr, P.E., vice president of Engineering and Technical Services.

The metal starter track is 8' long with a pre-bent 90° angle. The two legs are 2 1/2" in length to ensure easy attachment to the form. The fully knurled, 28-gauge metal makes it easy to use.