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USG’s Levelrock® brand CSD™ Early Exposure™ floor underlayment can be poured up to 60 days before the building’s permanent windows and doors are installed in geographic areas not subject to freezing conditions (only up to 30 days in areas subject to freezing conditions). Specific requirements must be followed in conjunction with early exposure underlayment pours.

Designed for use in buildings with light-gauge steel frame construction, this innovative underlayment product can be applied over corrugated steel decks, giving architects an economical means of designing midrise buildings up to 10 stories high. As a result, construction professionals can build higher, lighter and faster than ever before.

This revolutionary underlayment features compressive strengths from 3,500 to 5,000 psi. It also can withstand the rigors of trade traffic throughout the construction cycle, eliminating the need for any floor patching before the finished floor is installed. In addition, its smooth, monolithic surface enhances worker safety and efficiency.

Levelrock CSD Early Exposure underlayment can be applied at a much lower thickness than poured-in-place concrete, reducing dead load and allowing a greater number of floors for increased rentable/sellable square footage. Its self-sealing technology typically eliminates the need to seal the underlayment prior to floor-covering installation.

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