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Book for Construction Success

From J.F. McCarthy
Construction projects can go wrong for a myriad of reasons, such as bankruptcy, increasing material costs and shortage of labor. Each year, projects fail more because of human errors and how the projects are approached.

Long-time construction manager J.F. McCarthy is helping others with his solid advice by releasing a new book, Choosing Project Success: A Guide for Building Professionals.

Many of the problems commercial and industrial construction projects have can be solved with an integrated approach to the many varied aspects of a job. Choosing Project Success is a commercial construction manual that addresses both project and construction management along with the technical aspects of the job site.

Organized into three sections, the manual provides guidelines from a project’s inception to its completion. The first section explores how to obtain usable facts that allow for communication, planning and analysis. Section two tackles creating a purpose definition for the project and offers personal organization tips and management tools. Section three provides a managerial understanding of the technical aspects of construction on topics such as soils, materials, concrete, masonry, plumbing and more.