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Variable-Speed Mixer

From CS Unitec
Designed to eliminate splashback, CS Unitec’s Model EHR 23/1.3R Hand-held Mixer is equipped with a rugged paddle that can handle high-viscosity materials, from plasters and cement to quartz-containing resins and flooring compounds, as well as insulation and other materials.

With its 14.5 amp, high-torque, variable-speed 100–275 RPM motor, the mixer has the capacity to mix batches of material up to 176 lbs. A maximum free speed of 325 RPM and an output of up to 1,800 lbs./hr. allow this unit to handle up to 5 bags or 55 gallons of material.

Efficient blending of material is achieved by CS Unitec’s special helical paddle design, which stirs the product from the bottom up to prevents air from being pulled down into the material during mixing.