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Sealant Coloring System

From Bondaflex®
Color matching of silicone sealants has become easy and cost-effective with Bondaflex® Ucolor®, an innovative coloring system that enables users to add pigments to both one-part silicone and two-part polyurethane sealants on the job site.

This colorization system virtually eliminates lead times from custom-color orders by allowing users to color in the field. Ridding the hassle of estimating quantities of custom-colored sealants and purchasing individually colored sealants, users simply mix the Ucolor Pak—available in 52 colors—with their required amount of sealant, making Ucolor ideal for small projects, maintenance jobs and other repairs.

After a three-minute process of mixing the Ucolor Pak with the sealant, users have an exact match for a variety of substrates, providing a uniform, professional appearance.