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Air Sealer

From Fomo Products
Fomo Products introduces Handi-Foam® Air Seal, designed specifically to stop air infiltration and improve energy efficiency by creating a tighter building envelope.

The spray foam air sealant is used to coat and cover seams and small holes in the perimeter of stud wall cavities, enhancing primary insulation. When used in conjunction with traditional insulation, such as cellulose and fiberglass, Handi-Foam Air Seal creates a stronger envelope for homes and other buildings. Handi-Foam Air Seal is also ideal for sealing seams between oriented strand boards.

The two-component Handi-Foam Air Seal is a cost effective way to improve traditional insulation, which is not always an option for smaller, hard-to-reach applications. The closed cell formula is more economical than full foam insulation and provides the same air-stopping benefits.