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Commercial Tools and Fasteners Catalog

From TyRex, LLC
TyRex, LLC has published a 36-page full-line catalog that details its full line of commercial tools and fasteners. Included in the full-color catalog are auto-feed screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers, gas-powered fastening tools, as well as fasteners and accessories.

Designed for the rigors of commercial construction, applications that can benefit from this extensive line up of electric, gas-powered and pneumatic tools are exterior Densglass® and GlasRoc®, interior drywall, metal decking, metal framing, subflooring, sheathing, underlayment, exterior wood and composite decking as well as metal and more.

New products and accessories detailed for the first time include a 5,000 rpm auto-feed screwdriver, a cordless cut-out saw and gas-powered fastening systems.

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