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Double-Sided Tape

From Rhino Hide
Rhino Hide’s High Bond Acrylic Transfer Tape permanently adheres to countless surfaces, including metal, wood, and PE and PP film. The acrylic adhesive is particularly effective with plastic sheeting, carpeting, flooring and signs. Extremely heavy-duty and long-lasting, the two-sided sealing and bonding scrim tape is like spray glue on a roll without the VOCs and sticky overspray.

Supplied on a natural, siliconized paper release liner, HiBATT has excellent tack and high adhesive strength. It is also resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV damage, aging and water vapor.

HiBATT’s special formulation provides a very good anti-migration of plasticizers. Expanding and contracting with the substrate, HiBATT is durable and flexible and won’t crack, become brittle or shrink.

The 108' roll comes in widths of 1" and 3 1/2".