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Specialty Pearlescent Coating

From Dryvit
For design professionals and building owners seeking a shiny, reflective look on the exterior of their building, Dryvit’s new Reflectit coating offers unique cost and performance advantages over heavier, costlier metal panel options.

When Reflectit coating is used over Outsulation systems from Dryvit, the result is a lightweight, cost effective, energy efficient, engineered cladding system designed to meet the building owner’s budget without sacrificing the desired aesthetics. Available in 12 standard colors and virtually limitless custom color options, Reflectit coating is a perfect choice as an accent or for any building project that desires a unique, shiny, reflective exterior appearance.

With finishes like Reflectit and others available from Dryvit, a building clad with an Outsulation system can easily look like metal panels, brick, limestone and granite and achieve greater energy efficiency and a lower carbon footprint at a lower cost.

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