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Stucco Level Coat

From ParexLahabra
ParexLahabra has launched Stucco Level Coat.

Stucco Level Coat is used to embed mesh into the level coat to reduce cracking, which is required for use with the Parex Krak-Shield stucco assemblies. Stucco Level Coat can be used as a level coat to smooth rough cement walls and enhance finish coverage. Stucco Level Coat is compatible with Parex, LaHabra, El Rey, Teifs and Surewall stucco assemblies.

“Market feedback has shown the need for stucco assemblies with crack resistance features.” said Quenton Roehricht, brand manager for ParexLahabra. “The new Krak-Shield stucco assembly, from Parex, provides superior crack resistance for both Parex’s Armourwall 100 and Armourwall 300 stucco assemblies.”

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